Is ComeUp a safe platform to buy on?

Everything is above board with ComeUp

There are more than 20,000 services and 7,000 sellers on ComeUp. There is a massive range to choose from, and each service is approved by our teams. Why? Because each service has to be clearly outlined, stating precisely what your seller does, at what cost, and the amount they will receive once the order is completed.

The seller is only paid when you are satisfied

When you place an order, you are asked to pay the total amount upfront. However, ComeUp places your money in a secure escrow account instead of wiring it straight through to the seller. As such, the seller has to finish the order and await your confirmation before they are paid. If the order is canceled, you are immediately refunded. 

Confirmation, verification, confidentiality

The identity of all sellers on ComeUp is verified. We verify all identity documents provided by our sellers. We are particularly focused on confirming the identity of our “verified sellers” as they are our most trusted sellers. Our teams proofread everything that is published on the website: every service and every modification. The services published on ComeUp must abide by stringent rules and must clearly state exactly what you will receive. 

The entire order is processed on ComeUp: payment, discussions, file uploads/downloads, order delivery, etc. You will never have to provide your personal contact information. As such, you will never be bothered by phone or email. 

Are you experiencing a problem? Our support teams will get back to you within a few hours

At ComeUp, we are proud that our Help Center will get back to you within at least 12 hours, every day of the week. Feel free to reach out to us, no matter your query, we’re here to help.