How do I give clear instructions for my order?

To ensure your order goes as smoothly as possible, you must provide the seller with thorough instructions. The seller will have to confirm your instructions before starting work; the clearer you are about your requirements, the sooner they can start work. 

⭐️ Don't forget that the seller isn't you: they don’t know what you like, what your project is, or what your expectations are. If you tell them to do as they want without giving clear guidelines, they will do what they think is best according to their own specific taste, and you might be disappointed with the result. The more specific you are, the easier it is for them to get the job done and give you exactly what you were looking for. 

If the seller doesn't reply or doesn't accept your instructions because they feel they can't fulfill your request, the order is canceled, and your money is refunded.

If you have any questions, it's always a good idea to contact your seller directly. 

Here are a few examples:

You have placed an order for a blog article. The seller asks you about the topic they have to write about, and maybe some keywords. Good, clear, exhaustive instructions would be: “I would like an article on cycling. Use my bike’s brand name as a keyword. Highlight the innovative aspects of the model. Provide the text as a PDF.

You have placed an order for a logo and the seller writes back asking for the name of the product or project, if you have a visual identity, and any specific requests. Your instructions: “My product is called ZOOM CYCLE, and our dominant colors are blue and green (#87CEFA and #90EE90). I want the text to appear underneath the image of a bike, and I want the wheels of the bike to somehow merge with the two Os. I would prefer a handwritten font, but I'm open to suggestions.