What I received wasn't what I expected. What can I do?

Your order has just been delivered

The seller has just marked your order as “delivered”. If something is missing, or you are dissatisfied, request a revision as soon as possible and describe what is wrong with the order.

Keep in mind your initial requests and the specific service you ordered (double-check the service description) when giving your explanations. Clearly state what your expectations were, and how they haven’t been met. Clarity is key.

This exchange between you and your seller will determine the next steps. Either the seller accepts the request for revision and gets back to work, or they refuse your request for revision and explain why. 

Your order has been delivered, and you have already requested one or more revisions

If the seller agreed to a revision and delivered the order once again, but you still aren't happy, you must request an additional revision in order for the seller to modify their work. If they refuse, you can then raise a dispute with ComeUp.