In the event of a revision, how long does it take?

When an order is placed, the allotted time starts the moment the seller confirms the order and ends when the work is delivered.

When a revision is requested, the deadline is extended by the same amount of time. However, no more than five months may pass between the payment of an order and the moment it is fully completed.

Let’s look at an example.

An order is placed for a service that takes two days to complete, with an option that takes an extra day. The total time to finish the order is three days. If a request for revisions is made, the seller is given an extra three days to complete the work. 

The extra time is only added once the seller has agreed to the rework and the order status is back to “in progress”. However, please note this extra time begins the moment the revision is requested.

Let’s go back to our example.

A revision was requested on Saturday; the seller accepted it on Monday. The three extra days will be added from Saturday, as such, the seller must deliver the work by Tuesday before midnight.