How are disputes dealt with?

In what cases can a dispute arise?

When a seller and buyer cannot reach an agreement on an order cancelation or request for revision, the buyer can go to the order management page and file a dispute for the following reasons:

  • When a buyer has requested a cancelation on two separate occasions, the cancelation has been refused by the seller, and the order still hasn't been delivered, then a dispute is automatically raised.
  • When a seller refuses a revision request, this enables the buyer to file a dispute.

Once a dispute has been filed, the order is put on hold and can no longer be altered. A mediator gets in touch within 24–48 hours to help find the best possible outcome for both parties through mutual communication. 

How is it handled?

The mediator will examine the order and offer a few different suggestions when possible. If they can't find a solution, the mediator can then choose to:

  • Let the buyer and seller settle the issue themselves if the order turns out to be too complex. The mediator will intervene once both parties have come to an agreement, which may involve a partial refund, or resuming the order.
  • Offer a final decision based on all the information available to grant the buyer a refund (full or partial) or rule in favor of the seller and confirm the order.

In all cases, the mediator’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

Should the buyer receive a partial refund, it will not include bank fees or ComeUp's commission. As for full refunds, the total amount will be refunded.

Good to know

The mediator will only look at what was available on ComeUp. Any other exchanges (messages, files, etc.) that were made outside the platform will not be taken into account during the settlement of the dispute.

When you decide to file a dispute, bear in mind that the mediator may not choose a decision in your favor. You are always much better off discussing your requirements thoroughly when placing the order.

Once the mediator closes the order, please be aware that the buyer can no longer leave a comment.