What if the seller doesn't reply?

On ComeUp, you can contact a seller either before placing an order, or once the order is being processed. Let's have a look at both cases.

The seller isn't replying and you haven't placed an order yet

The first thing to do is check the seller’s statistics. You can find them on their profile page, as seen here: 

If the seller has a good response time, they should reply. They receive an email notification every time you send a message. However, sellers who receive a lot of orders may struggle to find the time to reply to everyone in a timely fashion. You can try searching for a seller who appears further down the list and is likely to be more available. 

The seller isn't replying, and they are already working on your order

Once they have started work on your order, the seller should do everything to get the job done within the allotted time. Remember, it is very likely you are not their only customer, and they may be unavailable for a day or two, so they may take longer than usual to get back to you. Please don't get worked up too quickly. 

You can see the last time they were connected just above the chat box. If they log in regularly, try sending a reminder. 

However, you can ask for a refund if they don’t get back to you.