What are the different statuses for an order?

Orders go through a series of different statuses. They can be seen on the order management page. 

  • Pending” – the order has been placed and is awaiting confirmation from the seller. If instructions are needed to confirm the order, this is the moment when the buyer must provide them. Both parties have 48 hours to confirm this step. Otherwise, the order will be automatically canceled.
  • In Progress” – the seller has confirmed they have all the information they need to accept the order. They now have the specific amount of time they offered to deliver the service purchased.
  • Delivered” – the seller has delivered the service. The buyer can now confirm delivery and complete the order by leaving a positive/negative review, or they can request a revision.
  • Completed” – the order is fully completed, either because the buyer left a review or there was simply no feedback (no requests for revision or cancellation) in the seven days following delivery.
  • Canceled” – the buyer has been fully reimbursed, either because both parties agreed to a cancelation or because a cancelation request was approved.
  • Frozen” – an order is frozen if there is a dispute in process, or in the case a ComeUp staff member deemed it necessary to put the order on hold while they verify certain aspects.
  • Expired” – an order that hasn't been fully completed after five months is automatically marked as expired. Find out more