What is an “Expired” order?

When you place an order on ComeUp, the seller has a maximum of five months to complete it, including any revisions potentially required. This duration is essential because the banks we work with do not issue refunds after a specific amount of time. As such, when an order exceeds five months since the service was purchased, no matter what the current status is (except for a dispute), the order will automatically be marked as “expired”. 

I’m a buyer and my order just expired. What can I do?

When an order expires, the full amount initially paid will be taken out of the escrow account and transferred to ComeUp. A payment invoice will be issued. The order will be put on hold, and you will no longer be able to communicate with the seller through the order's management page. However, you can write to us asking for a voucher for the same amount (minus tax, if paid, and bank fees) should you wish to place the order again. For example, if you paid €100 including $20 taxes and $5 bank fees, we will give you a voucher for $75. No money can be refunded to your account.

I’m a seller and my order just expired. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you lose all the money you were originally entitled to. Please let your buyer know they can contact us to request a voucher and place their order again.