What is a seller invoice?

An invoice is produced once an order is completed and, provided the seller operates under a registered business or is self-employed. It is a 2-page document.

Page 1: Order invoice

ComeUp produces all necessary documentation on behalf of the seller to prove your purchase. If the seller operates under a registered business or is self-employed, they can legally invoice their clients. As such, ComeUp does it for them, while taking into account their business type, their country of residence, and your country of residence. It is the same as if the seller was directly invoicing you.

The amount indicated on the invoice is what your seller receives. The seller also receives a copy of this document for accounting and tax purposes. 

Page 2: ComeUp invoice

This is our invoice for the services provided by the platform, i.e., acting as an intermediary between you and the seller. This is what you pay on top of what the seller receives.

The total amount you pay is the total of the two figures shown on the order invoice and the ComeUp invoice.