What is an order receipt?

If the seller is an individual, a two-page order receipt is issued once an order has been completed.

Page 1: Order receipt

ComeUp produces all necessary proof of purchase on behalf of the seller. When the seller is an individual, they cannot issue invoices but still have the right to sell their services. As such, the document is not an invoice, but a receipt. Even though the names are different, both documents are proof of the amounts that were paid.

As it is an individual providing the service, there is no tax. The amount indicated on the receipt is what the seller receives. The seller also receives a copy of this document for accounting and tax purposes.

Page 2: ComeUp invoice

This is our invoice for the services provided by the platform, i.e., acting as the intermediary between you and the seller. It is the service fee you’re charged on top of the sum you pay the seller for their service. 

The total amount you pay is the sum of the amount on the seller receipt and the one on the ComeUp invoice.