Why aren’t taxes and bank fees included in the rates?

All prices displayed on ComeUp are excluding taxes and bank fees. These are calculated and applied just before payment and clearly indicated on the payment page, as well as on all receipts, invoices, and order confirmation documents. We strive to be as clear as possible by indicating specifically how your money is distributed between sellers and ComeUp. This can vary depending on:

  • The seller’s billing country
  • Whether they have to collect/pay taxes
  • The buyer’s billing country
  • Whether they too have to collect/pay taxes
  • The payment method used, including any additional fees applied by our bank partners

We want our sellers to be fairly compensated in all circumstances, and we want you to know precisely who gets what out of the total amount you pay. That’s why the buyers are responsible for covering these costs when placing their orders. Each seller sets their own individual rates for their services and options, so there are no nasty surprises for both parties at the end of a transaction.

How do I know exactly how much I’ll pay?

If you wish to know the total cost of your purchase, you can simulate placing an order (including your desired additional options). When you reach the payment page, select your billing country and preferred payment method. The total amount including taxes and bank fees (if applicable) is clearly shown in the “Price breakdown” section. You can then leave this page without being charged, as long as you don't go any further in the payment process.

Can I deduct taxes when paying for a service?

If you operate as a registered company and pay taxes, you can claim them from the orders you place with sellers on ComeUp who are also subjected to taxes. To determine precisely how much you can deduct, please simulate placing the order. You will find the specific amount of tax in the “Price breakdown” section. Once your order is finished, you will find tax information in the two-page invoice sent to you by ComeUp.

Why are there bank fees?

All financial transactions paid for by bank card, whether via ComeUp or in a local shop, must go through a series of checks and verifications to guarantee the security of all parties. That comes at a cost: checking for sufficient funds, sending the 3D Secure code, using Visa/Mastercard networks, tackling fraud, etc. Generally speaking, in France at least, these fees are included in the price including taxes, and are therefore covered by the sellers. We have chosen to not deduct taxes from what our sellers earn, which is why all prices are shown excluding taxes. As fees are also subject to taxes, these can only be fully detailed during the payment process.

How can I reduce the bank fees?

Currently, the only way to avoid paying bank fees is to not use bank services. Instead, you can opt for a direct payment for a service using the funds available in your ComeUp wallet. So, if you are a seller and have enough money in your wallet to cover the order, you won’t have to pay any bank fees.

We are presently working on a way for buyers to also have their own ComeUp wallet. Bank fees will continue to apply for bank card payments, but will only be applied once: when you add credit to your ComeUp account. As such, you will cut back on the fixed fees directly applied to each payment. We will keep you posted as soon as the feature goes live – hopefully very soon!