For each purchase, how much goes to the seller and how much is paid in fees?

Once you have chosen a service and are ready to confirm your purchase, you will access an order confirmation page that provides a detailed breakdown of your order and the amount to be paid. We strive to be as transparent as possible by showing you precisely the amount earned by the seller, by ComeUp, and any other incurring charges. 

With this breakdown, you know exactly how much of what you pay goes to the seller. Most sellers pay for a ComeUp Plus plan, with allows them to benefit from a flat rate commission of 1€ for every transaction; as such, nearly everything you pay goes to the seller. 

Bank fees account go to pay our bank partners and payment security services.

The sales taxes you will pay depend on several criteria: your country of residence (France, French overseas territories, EU member state, rest of the world), how your business operates, your seller’s country of residence, and whether they operate as a registered business or as an individual.