What are the perks of a ComeUp Plus plan and how do I sign up?

❗️All the prices are indicated in USD. Nonetheless, If you have chosen to sell in euros, the commission rates are exaclty the same. You just have to change the symbol from $ to €.

Since the very beginning, ComeUp’s philosophy has been to refuse to make sellers hostage by offering an alternative to commissions based on a given percentage. With this in mind, we created our ComeUp Plus plans for sellers so that you will only be charged a $1 commission, regardless of the plan you choose and the value of the order. Find out all about our plans here: https://comeup.com/en/plus

In short

The free “Basic” plan is available to all, but it is limited to six services, with a maximum of ten options per service. None of the options can exceed $100 and the starting price cannot be higher than $100. This means that the commission is high, but it allows sellers to take the time to test their offers without having to pay for a subscription. 

The “Standard” plan is for sellers who do not want to be limited in creating their services, options, and prices. With the Standard plan, you have a $1 commission per sale, regardless of the value of the order. For $100 orders, the seller gets $99. Signing up for this plan puts you ahead of other sellers in the same categories (find out more about our algorithm).

It also gives you access to ComeUp Direct (video and audio communication directly on the website).

The “Premium” plan is the most comprehensive plan on our website. It offers all the benefits of the Standard plan, but in addition, gives you access to the “Verified Seller” status, formatting for your services, and enables you to benefit from the “Recommended” option.

The “Premium” plan really sets you apart from other sellers and will therefore help you meet your goals more easily. Signing up for the Premium plan means your services will be more in the spotlight compared with the Standard plan as you will have maximum visibility (find out more about our algorithm).

A closer look


For sellers who do not have a ComeUp Plus plan, we deduct 20% from the total amount. For sellers with a ComeUp Plus plan, the commission is reduced to $1 per transaction (per payment) regardless of the payment amount.

Number of services and options

If you don’t have a ComeUp Plus plan, you can offer six services, with a maximum of ten options per service. For all other plans, there is no limit as to how many services or options you can offer.

Increased visibility

∅  The free plan does not increase your visibility

➕ The Standard plan puts you a little higher in category and search results

➕➕ The Premium plan ranks you the highest in category and search results

Find out more about our algorithm.

Marketing tools

With the Standard plan and above, you can use Meta Pixel or Google Analytics directly on your services if you want to track your conversions. You also gain access to a dashboard summarizing your visibility on the website, your click rate, your conversion rate, and the source of your traffic.

“Recommended” option

As the screenshot shows, with the “Recommended” option, buyers can pay for your basic offer together with your recommended option.

This feature is only available with the Premium plan.

ComeUp Direct calls

ComeUp Direct is a built-in tool on the website that allows you to make audio and video calls with buyers and share your screen via the order or question chat box. It is the only way authorized by ComeUp for sellers to communicate directly with buyers. Find out more about how it works in this question

This feature is only available with the Premium and Standard plan.

Profile verification

Read this question to understand how you can become a Verified Seller on ComeUp. Being a Verified Seller gives you more credibility and makes you stand out more on the platform.

This feature is only available with the Premium plan.

Advanced formatting

To present your services as effectively as you’d like, you can enable the ComeUp formatting module when you create your service.

This feature is only available with the Premium plan.


To sign up for a plan, all you need is to have a ComeUp account and sign up for a trial period via https://comeup.com/en/plus , then follow the instructions. 

We explain everything about trials in this article.