How does a ComeUp Plus plan trial work?

To try our ComeUp Plus plans, you need to go to the ComeUp Plus page.

Choose the plan that's right for you and click on “Try for free”. The website will then ask you for your payment method (debit card, PayPal, or ComeUp wallet), but you will not be charged. We are just carrying out a pre-authorization to activate the benefits of that plan. 

From the moment your trial plan is activated, it is valid for either one month or two months(if you have a referrer code). You will have the same advantages as if you paid for the plan. During this time period, you can test all the functionalities and decide if you want to keep using your ComeUp Plus plan or not.

😊 Good to know: You can change your plan at all times during your trial period.

To keep your ComeUp Plus plans at the end of the trial period, you don't need to do anything. You will be charged automatically on the payment method you chose with an automatic renewal.

To stop your trial plan and not be charged, you need to go to the ComeUp Plus page, click on “Change plan”, and select the free plan.