How are services ranked?

On ComeUp, there are tens of thousands of services. We have developed an algorithm that takes your activity and statistics into account to decide which service should be displayed first and in which order. You need to understand it to be able to improve your ranking.


Please note that our algorithm is constantly updated. It only takes into account the last six months of your work. This means that if you had a substantial order six months and one day ago, it will no longer be accounted for. The same is true for any late deliveries that happened more than six months ago. It can drastically change your statistics and ranking at any time, even if you don't do anything in particular (more information on seller statistics).

What's more, while we have outlined how the algorithm works here, the algorithm contains many subtleties and changes constantly. There is no point in checking your ranking daily. Especially as buyers don't use only the categories to find your services. Focus on increasing your sales: securing orders, completing them, and having good statistics.



Our calculations are based on the sales score. It reflects your activity as a seller: the revenue this service generated compared to the number of orders completed for this same service for all other sellers. In short, how you rank compared to others.

❌ Selling a little and at a low price (completing only a few orders, most of them cheaper than other services in your category)

✅ Selling a little but at a higher price (completing a few orders for a significantly higher price than other services in your category)

✅ Selling a lot but at a low price (completing many more orders than other sellers, but most of them at a lower price than other services in your category)

✅✅ Selling a lot and at a higher price (completing many more orders than other sellers for a significantly higher price than other services in your category)

All the information below can help you adjust this sales score, so it's important to focus on selling as much as possible and for the highest possible price.


We will first apply a bonus to the sales score of your service based on your ComeUp plan: Basic, Standard, Premium (and verified). Whether you're benefiting from a trial period or not, this doesn't affect the outcome.

∅ Basic, without an offer

➕ Have the ComeUp Plus Standard plan

➕➕ Have the ComeUp Premium plan

➕➕➕➕ Be a verified seller

The second bonus corresponds to your status. Are you registered on ComeUp as a professional or an individual? We give more importance to registered professionals.

∅ You are an individual

➕ You are a professional

Please note that even if you sign up for the Premium plan or get verified, it won't guarantee appearing at the top of the results in the categories. However, you will receive a boost!

For example, between two services that have not yet made a sale, the one from a professional seller with a ComeUp Plus Premium plan will be significantly higher than the other. If you're in the top sellers, you can also gain a few positions. Therefore, it should not be overlooked!


This second adjustment is applied only in cases where the service has more than 5 completed sales in the last 6 months. If you haven't completed these 5 sales, the sales score will remain unchanged as there are no statistics. There are 5 components in the weighting, and they do not carry the same significance:

➕➕➕➕➕Completion rate

➕➕➕➕Average response time

➕➕➕ ➕On-time deliveries

➕➕Positive/negative reviews

➕➕Order acceptance rate

For each of these statistics, you will receive a bonus if your metric is above the average of sellers and a penalty if it falls below. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your statistics never deviate too much from the average of other sellers. These averages can be found in this question.

As they don't carry the same weight, having a below-average acceptance rate, for example, is less severe than having a below-average completion rate. Refusing an order is, therefore, less problematic than not completing an order.


Average completion rate on ComeUp: 93%

🙍🏾♀️Seller 1: 99% We will apply a ✅ bonus that means your service ranks higher in the results.

🙍🏼♂️Seller 2: 93% As the seller's rate matches the average rate, there will be no ☑️ bonuses or ❌ penalties.

🙎🏼♀️Seller 3: 80% As the seller is very much below par, we will ❌ penalize the service, meaning it will rank lower in the results.

To conclude, see how your actions can affect your service ranking:

❌❌❌ Canceling an order you accepted (lower completion rate)

❌❌ Not delivering on time, but delivering and completing orders nonetheless (lower on-time delivery rate)

Delivering and completing your order but getting a negative review

❌ Not accepting an order (lower order acceptance rate)

Delivering your order late, completing it and no review (higher sales score, higher completion rate, but lower on-time delivery rate)

✅✅ Delivering your order on time, completing it, but no review (higher sales score, completion rate, and on-time delivery rate)

✅✅✅ Delivering and completing orders and getting a positive review (higher sales score + positive review)


ComeUp uses the sales score for a service to rank it in the categories section, provided no filter is being used.


When a user searches for a service, we use the service title/heading, its category, and the description. As with search engines, we present the services that best suit their search criteria. That's the main parameter.

The sales score is still included but is used to refine the results. That's why it's so important to have a clear description with many keywords so that your service frequently appears in search results.


You can contact us through our Help Center for more assistance.