My stats are falling. What should I do?

Your statistics change over time, and it's perfectly normal. They will rise or fall depending on your activity over the last six months.

These statistics are ranked by order of importance: 

Completion rate

Your completion rate will be affected if an order is canceled after acceptance. 

πŸ’š 100% and 92%: All’s well! Your rate is excellent. You've hardly canceled any orders after accepting them.

🧑  92% and 85%: Warning: You're canceling too many orders after accepting them. Try to work out why to correct the issue.

❀️ Less than 85%: You should review your service and the way you work.

🀍 Site average: 94%

You can do better if you are in the orange or red. Here are a few ideas to increase your rate:

- Do not accept orders without having clear, precise instructions from the buyer. You must systematically refuse orders from a buyer who gives you free rein to do what you want. If they don't have any instructions, help your buyer create them. Without instructions, you drastically increase the chances of a disappointed buyer and an order cancelation.

- Give a more detailed description of your service. A buyer who wants to cancel an order is generally a buyer who has not understood what they were going to get. 

- Guide your buyer and communicate with them throughout the process. If a buyer wants to cancel once you have started or even delivered the work, you may need to reassure them.

- You can rely on the dispute resolution service if you are confident of what you are doing. If a buyer asks to cancel, do not accept their request straightaway. Have them raise a dispute, if necessary. 

- If you cannot avoid a cancelation, don't worry. It happens. That's why a good rate is between 90–100%.

On-time deliveries

If you deliver an order late, your on-time delivery rate will be impacted. 

πŸ’š  100% and 90%: All’s well! Your rate is excellent, you deliver most of your orders on time.

🧑  90% and 85%: Warning: You are starting to deliver too many orders late.

❀️ Less than 85%: You are clearly delivering too many orders late. You need to review your way of working.

🀍 Site average: 91%

You can do better if you are in the orange or red. Here are a few ideas to increase your rate:

- Lengthen your delivery times for your basic offer and/or your options. You've probably been a bit too optimistic.

- Use your organizational skills to optimize the time spent on an order. 

- Only accept an order once the buyer has provided you with everything you need to work (images, texts, URLs, etc.). By doing so, you won't have to wait for files further down the road, which could make you late. Only proceed with an order once the instructions are clear.

- Once you have completed what was set out in your service and the buyer's instructions, deliver the order.

- If you have too many orders at the same time and are struggling to cope, remember to deactivate your services to give you the time to finish your ongoing orders.

Average response time

This is the speed with which you respond to buyers, whether via the chat box or when processing an order.

πŸ’š Less than six hours: You're really fast! It's great. Your buyers appreciate it.

🧑 Between 6–12 hours: You're bang in the middle.

❀️ More than 12 hours: You could reply quicker. By doing so, your customer relations will improve. 

🀍 Site average: 12 hours

You can do better if you are in the orange or red. Here are a few ideas to increase your rate:

- Remember to check that you are receiving our emails and/or native notifications so that you can respond quickly if contacted.

- If you don't have the time to respond to questions from potential buyers and only want to receive orders, disable the "Contact seller" button.

- If you are unavailable, deactivate your services.

- And... Respond and act quicker :)

Order acceptance rate

If an order is canceled before you accept it, your order acceptance rate will be affected.

πŸ’š Between 100% and 88%: All's well! Your rate is excellent.

🧑 Between 88% and 75%: Warning: Too many orders have been canceled quickly. You need to find out why.

❀️ Less than 75%: Your rate is too low: you need to change your service's description and the way you work.

🀍 Site average: 91%

You could do better if you are in the orange or red. Here are a few ideas to increase your rate:

- Get in touch with your buyer quickly once they have placed an order. They often need a quick reply as they have just paid their order. They may cancel if you take too long to handle their queries.

- If buyers make a mistake and therefore cancel their order, it's not necessarily their fault. Your text could be clearer. Review the text for your service by highlighting what you provide for your basic offer and options. 

- If you can't fulfill a buyer's order, ask yourself if you could specify these limits in the text for your service. 

- If you cannot avoid a cancelation, don't worry, it happens. That's why a good rate is between 85–100%.