How can I become a Verified Seller?

To obtain a Verified Seller badge on ComeUp, you must sign up for the ComeUp Plus Premium plan. If you have already done so, you need to meet the requirements for the Verified Seller level, which can be found on the My seller account page. The requirements are:

  • Obtain the Seller level (click here for more information about levels).
  • Complete more than 10 sales. This is a minimum requirement that helps us ensure that a Verified Seller has met the requirements based on previous orders. Only fully completed orders are taken into account.
  • Sign up for the ComeUp Plus Premium plan.

Have your profile picture verified. If you are an individual, the profile picture must be a photo of you. If you are a business (self-employed, sole trader, or company), you are free to choose a picture that represents your business, for example, your logo. Our team of moderators will verify your profile picture automatically, but only if you meet the previous three requirements.