How to edit a service and its options?

You can edit a service if it has not been disabled or deleted. 

You can display options by clicking on “…” at the end of each line in the “Sales” section on your “Services” page. Next, click “Edit”. 

Once you have made an edit, and if our team has to review it, the edit submission date and its status will appear under the edited service in the last line, as shown in the image below.

- Pending: the edit has been sent and is pending review. This means that the edit does not yet appear on the website but has been taken into account.

- Refused: the edit has been refused; you can see why by clicking on the service.- If the edit line has disappeared, it means that your change has been approved.

If you would like to cancel the edit, you can use the relevant button in the list of options (see image above).