What services are allowed?

On ComeUp, we accept all kinds of services provided they take place online, on the cloud via ComeUp. You cannot sell any objects or a service that would require you to meet with your buyer in person.

More specifically, we will not accept services that:

  • Offer content that is illegal under French law. Namely, that encourages prostitution, endangering others, hacking, hate speech, or violence.
  • Offer to resell documents, videos, training material, books, themes, plugins, programs, or any other content that the seller has not produced themselves and/or for which they do not have resale rights.
  • Offer gambling (casino), lotteries, financial placements, narcotics, or pyramid systems.
  • Offer any form of sports betting.
  • Offer services to buy Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, and other forms of unauthorized social media activities.
  • Offer the sale of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Offer the resale of private email addresses.
  • May contain pornographic or sexual content.
  • Offer a physical service or the delivery of an object.
  • Are copies of a service already online (image and/or text).
  • Offer to produce homework or sit exams for school/university students, per current regulations.
  • Offer fortune-telling, card, or numerology-reading services. 
  • Provide medical or legal services.

As each service can have specific features, this list is not exhaustive. A service can be refused for another reason, which will be explained following moderation.

Services can also be temporarily refused on the platform. This can happen when we receive many submissions over a short period for the same service for which there are no sales. In this case, we recommend that you offer another service that matches your skills. You can always try to submit the same service later on if you wish.