How does the insurance work?

When you're placing an order with a professional seller, our partner, Hiscox's professional liability insurance can be offered as an option during the payment process. For you, it's the option to guarantee coverage in case of a loss or damages caused by the seller in just one click and place your order more serenely.

How am I covered?

By purchasing this insurance, you benefit from protection in case of damages or loss during the whole order process and after the order has been completed. For example, if your seller delivers something defective, but you only notice multiple days after the order, you can still get compensation.

That concerns many guarantees such as breach of contract, wilful misconduct or negligence, divulging confidential information, infringement of intellectual property rights, loss and destruction of documents, website hacking, etc.

Nonetheless, this does not serve as a simple cancelation insurance or a replacement for the protections offered by ComeUp. Whether you purchase the insurance or not, you still benefit from the classic guarantees offered by our platform, such as the cancelation and refund for an order in case of a mutual agreement or the intervention of a mediator in the event of a dispute.

The compensation can go up to €5,000. And, cover losses that could not be covered by the refund for your order. To learn all the details and terms of this contract, you can consult this PDF document. (French only)

What orders are eligible?

The insurance is available for all services offered by professional sellers whose billing is established worldwide, except in the United States, Canada, and French Polynesia. The total for your order must also be inferior to €4,000 and can not concern a service present in the (few) categories excluded by Hiscox. So, if the insurance option is not displayed when you're placing an order, one of the above criteria makes it ineligible.

How much does it cost?

The price of the insurance varies depending on the rate of the service: 

  • $7,49 (tax excluded) for orders up to $100.
  • $11,49 (tax excluded) for orders between $105 and $500.
  • $18,49 (tax excluded) for orders of $505 and more.

Please note that once the order is processed by the seller (once it's no longer pending), the insurance will not be refundable in case of cancellation. It is still valid, even when you no longer want to work with a seller. You keep all your rights, even after you have been refunded.

How do I claim damages?

If you want to declare damages or loss, contact us through the Help Center. Please mention the order number concerned and for which you have purchased the insurance. Our team will transmit your case to Hiscox Services, who will contact you directly.