Why didn't my payment go through?

When paying for an order, you can choose to pay with your bank card, PayPal account, or your ComeUp wallet (this is for sellers who already have funds in their wallets). 

When paying by card or with PayPal, we send the payment request details to the companies in charge of verifying and approving the payment. If your payment doesn't go through, an error message will appear. Please pay close attention to this message as it will inform you on how to identify and fix the problem.

The most common errors with bank cards

  • Your card is not compatible with 3D Secure, therefore you cannot receive the SMS code to confirm your purchase. Please use a different card that is compatible with 3D Secure, or use PayPal. 
  • If you haven't received your 3D Secure code, please contact your bank.
  • Your card is issued from a country not supported by our payment provider. Please verify you’re not using a proxy or VPN.
  • If your card has reached its daily limit, been blocked, or been declined, please contact your bank.
  • Your card failed the security checks used by our banking service provider / your card has been declined. You need to use a different form of payment or use PayPal.

The most common errors with PayPal

  • Your PayPal account hasn't been properly verified; please contact PayPal directly. 
  • The chosen source of funds for your PayPal account cannot be charged; please choose another fund option or contact PayPal directly

Your card payment doesn't seem to function? Try paying with your card via PayPal

If our bank does not support your card, then it may work with PayPal. In that case, choose ‘PayPal’ when paying, and you will be redirected to the interface you see above. Simply click “Pay without PayPal account”. You can then enter your payment details and confirm the purchase.