How does ComeUp Direct work for buyers?

ComeUp Direct is our website’s built-in tool for sellers to contact you via audio/video call and enable screen-shares with you directly from the order/query chat box. We remind you that communications outside ComeUp are forbidden (read more here). Please remember, this restriction is in place to protect you. In the event of a dispute, we will only take into consideration what has been exchanged via ComeUp.

How does it work?

Should you wish to speak to a seller, you cannot just call them. It is up to the seller to call you, so they aren't being constantly interrupted with requests. As such, please clearly explain in the chat box why you wish to speak with them. If they agree, they will then call you. 

Not all sellers have the ComeUp Direct option. It is a feature that can only be activated when they subscribe to one of our paid plans. If you can't see the icon shown below, it means the seller cannot call you, but it doesn’t mean their delivered work won't be professional. You will just have to communicate in writing.

❗️Warning: not all browsers are compatible with ComeUp Direct. Click here to verify if yours is.

If the seller has ComeUp Direct and calls you, this is what your chat box will display.

Once the seller initiates a call, a separate, encrypted, and secure window will open. As your conversation is not recorded, we strongly advise you to put all important details in writing. Should there be an issue down the line, you will have a paper trail.

What if the seller refuses to call me?

If the service you paid for specifically involves a phone call (for example, one-on-one coaching, etc.), the seller is obliged to accept. If it is not part of their offer, the seller has the right to refuse. Perhaps they don't have the time to call you. The seller can also request payment for a call as one of their options, as this means they will have to set aside extra time for you. After all, time is money.