What are the ComeUp Discord server and the Seller page? And how to connect to them?

These two spaces are reserved for sellers only. You won't find any buyers there. But other freelancers who share the same occupation and passions as you. They are there to help you, or simply to meet and exchange with you... If you're feeling alone, you need feedback or insights, or if you just want to discuss and share advice because you are yourself, an experienced seller, these spaces are for you!

The ComeUp Discord Server

To connect to it, you need to have a Discord account already. You can create one at https://discord.com/. You can then download the app of your choice (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS) at https://discord.com/download

For your first login, you need to click on "Discord server" in the "Sales" menu. An invitation to join the ComeUp server will be generated.

⚠️ To return to our server, it's not necessary to pass by this link. You'll just have to launch your Discord app to be connected.

Every day, sellers exchange on our Discord server's different discussion channels. Know that the members of our team and our specialist members are also active there. It's a great way to talk to us. (For any customer support-related topics, please reach out through our help center).

Since it's an instant discussion platform, in case of a problem on the website or for any announcements, we always communicate on Discord first in the "Announcements" channel.

There are English and French discussion channels to talk about ComeUp or about other topics you want to share with the community.

The seller page

To join the forum reserved for sellers, you just have to click on "Seller page" in the "Sales" menu or directly type http://forum.comeup.com.

You can find the forum's presentation and rules using this link: https://forum.comeup.com/t/welcome-to-the-sellers-forum/50505