How can I boost my earnings as a ComeUp affiliate?

The ComeUp referral program has been designed so that referrers earn enough money for it to be worth their time to find new sellers for ComeUp and spend time bringing these sellers up to speed. Here are a few tips on how to scout out new sellers and boost your income.

Recruit new sellers

The key is to refer sellers who will be able to convert leads into sales. We recommend that you adopt the golden rule of quality, not quantity, when recruiting. In other words, you’re better off referring just one active seller rather than a dozen sellers who don’t sell a thing. It’s the difference between earning something as opposed to earning nothing at all.

Leverage your network, target highly specific groups of people, even on ComeUp’s Discord server or seller pages where you may find motivated sellers who don’t yet have a referrer.

The best way to recruit a future seller is by telling them that if they accept, they will benefit from an extra month of the ComeUp Plus plan of their choosing, free of charge.

Optimize your income

You will only receive a commission if your referees sell. So, you must find ways to help them sell. How? By becoming their coach. You know how to sell, and you know how the site works inside and out. You’re the ideal person when it comes to helping others boost their sales. Here’s a sample program to help you guide them:

- Get your referee to try out the ComeUp Plus Premium plan.- Encourage them to watch our tutorials:

- Encourage them to read the Seller FAQ:

- Go to the Discord server and seller page for great tips.

- Proofread their service descriptions, check the quality of the visuals, and their profile picture

- Help them find their first buyers to get the ball rolling

- Do anything else you can think of that will help them become more familiar with ComeUp, and teach them how to find new buyers and lock in new orders.

Don’t forget that you have a list of all your referees. Use it to contact them directly. That way, you can help them and motivate them. Send them emails, or even set up a group with them on Discord, Facebook, Telegram, etc. In other words, the more you stay in touch with them and motivate them, the more likely they will sell, and therefore the more commission you’ll earn.