How do I get new referees?

Through ComeUp's referral program, you receive a commission on the sales generated by the sellers you refer to the platform. There are three ways for sellers to become your referee and for you to earn commissions on their sales. 

Referral link

You will find your personal link on your My Referrer Account page. It will look like this:, where REFERALCODE is your own personal code. You can add ?affiliation=REFERALCODE to any ComeUp URL, such as the one for your profile, your service pages, a category page, or even the “Become a Seller” page. For example, if your profile page is, adding the referral link would make it

If someone sets up an account within seven days of visiting a ComeUp page with your code in the URL, they will automatically become one of your referees.

Referral code

When signing up to ComeUp, the sign-up form includes a section where the visitor can enter their chosen referral code. If they use your code, they automatically become your referee.

Subsequent referral

Within the first three months of setting up their account, a seller can add a referrer by going to their “My Seller Account” page. You can also decide to mentor a new seller to help boost their sales on ComeUp, so long as they don’t already have a referee.

When this seller becomes your referee, they receive an additional month of the ComeUp Plus plan of their choosing free of charge. That means they will now have two free months of either the Standard or Premium plan.