Why don’t I need to send through my personal contact details?

When negotiating a contract, you may wish to use your preferred means of communication rather than the ComeUp platform, whether out of habit or to facilitate discussions. However, to fulfill our role as a trusted third party, all payments, communications, and deliveries must occur exclusively on ComeUp.

Please keep in mind that if you have communicated outside the platform and there is the slightest problem during a project, we cannot follow up or support you properly, should you want to assert your rights. If there is a dispute, our moderator will only take into consideration what has been discussed via the order page. As such, it is in your best interest to always stay on the ComeUp platform.

✅ Receive calls via ComeUp Direct.
✅ Discuss matters in writing via ComeUp.
⛔️ Communicate by email, messenger apps (WhatsApp, Discord, etc.) or phone.

To avoid potentially risky situations, please do not provide or ask for a phone number, email address, personal website, portfolio, social media, or messenger ID.

How can I communicate in writing on ComeUp?

Whether before, during, or any time up to seven days after an order has been delivered, sellers and buyers can chat freely via our built-in live messaging service. You can also use it to share any files freely (up to 20 MB*). As such, there is no reason to leave the website to chat.

How can I make audio or video calls, turn on my webcam, or share my screen?

Using ComeUp Direct, you can make audio calls, share screens, or use webcams to communicate directly via the website. It can be enabled by sellers who have activated the feature. If a seller has ComeUp Direct, they can use the website’s secure, encrypted communication channel to call the buyer. This is the only means of spoken communication we authorize, and the only way to share screens. When a seller does not have ComeUp Direct, all communication will be in writing only.

* Should your file exceed the maximum allowed size, you can use a free file-sharing platform such as WeTransfer. All you have to do is send your buyer the download link. That way, there’s no need to leave the ComeUp platform or ask for an email address.