What should I do if I’m on holiday or can’t accept any more orders?

If you go on holiday, are sick, have too many orders already, or just want to take a break — whatever your reason is for not being able to take on any more work or respond to buyers — that's OK. But you must take the necessary steps to ensure that you won't disappoint buyers who place orders, contact you, and don’t receive an answer. 

Disable your services

It is your responsibility to disable your services when you are unable to meet the needs of your buyers. It also means that your statistics will not be affected.

❗️ Disabling a service does not impact your orders that are in progress or your listings. It simply blocks new orders and that service will no longer appear in searches or categories.

Remove the option to contact you

If you are unavailable, and you don’t want your average response time to drop, make sure you remove the option to contact you. This option is available at the bottom of your sales settings on this page. Uncheck the “Accept messages” box.