How do I change the payment or information of a ComeUp Plus offer?

Changing Payment Methods

Changing your payment method is easy. Find the relevant link in the “Sales” section in the left-hand menu called “Payment methods”, or simply click here.

We remind you that you can pay with PayPal, a debit card, or your ComeUp wallet. If you want to pay using your ComeUp wallet, please ensure it has the necessary funds generated from your sales. 

Once you have filled in the form correctly, your payment method will be immediately changed. 

Changing Billing Details

When you sign up for a ComeUp Plus plan, you need to provide billing information. If you want to change it at any point, follow the similar steps to when changing your payment method (see above). The website will ask for your new billing details. Enter your payment method once again, and your details will be up-to-date for the next payment.

You cannot change billing details retroactively: your new information will not be added to old invoices.

Changing Payment Currency

The payment currency for your ComeUp Plus plan is attached to the currency that you defined on your seller account.