How do tips work?

When paying for orders, buyers can leave a tip. Buyers pay the tip when they pay for the order, so you will receive the tip once the order is completed.

When your buyer chooses to pay a tip, it is based on the total price of the service and options, excluding tax and bank fees. Tips cannot exceed 20% of the price. This means that for $5 orders, the maximum tip is $1. When discussing the project with your buyer, you can specify that they can include a tip when they pay. The tip is refunded if the order is canceled for any reason, and therefore does not involve any risks for the buyer. 

💡Good to know: Tips are paid upfront, and not at the end of an order due to bank fees. Buyers pay at least $0.30 in bank fees per transaction, regardless of the value of the order. Bank fees would be too high for small tips paid separately at the end (imagine applying a $0.30 bank fee to a $0.50 tip). That’s why tips are added before — so that they can be included in the first payment so that buyers pay bank fees only once.