How do I optimize my seller profile?

Your seller page is vital for future buyers. It's your profile on ComeUp that showcases all your services, who you are, and your statistics. Most buyers expressing interest in your services will visit this page.

Why your profile picture matters 

Buyers always feel more reassured when they can see the face of the person selling a service, rather than a logo or an avatar that bears no resemblance. Seeing the person behind the service is key to winning over a potential buyer's trust. ComeUp tip: Upload the best photo of yourself. It'll make you look more bankable and reassuring to your future buyers.

Your description/bio 

Use this text box to present yourself, and detail your expertise, skills, and motivation. Here's an example of a presentation:

Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm originally from the UK. I now live in France and have done for the last 20 years. I work as an interpreter within a company, and I give a few private home tuition lessons to students. I also offer translation and copywriting services. I look forward to working for you!

Your cover image 

Just like with your bio, the goal is for you to use a visual that represents your line of work. You can create it yourself or choose a striking image, so your future buyers understand your area of expertise in a matter of seconds. The quality of this visual is paramount: it will add to the level of professionalism of your ComeUp seller account. If you don't feel comfortable creating this image, and can't find an image that truly corresponds, don't hesitate to delegate this type of task. Some sellers offer this service on ComeUp, and it would be an opportunity for you to experience things as a buyer.

Feel free to check out our training videos to learn more about how to optimize your seller profile.