What if my buyer doesn't respond?

Your buyer has just placed an order and does not reply

In this case, you are probably at the stage where the order is “Pending”. You must validate it, but for this, you need information from your client in order to start the work. If they do not give you any of ht requested information after placing an order, do not validate the order. They have 48 hours to reply. If they don't give you anything, then we advise you to let the order expire, and it will be refunded automatically.

Your order is in progress, you have questions and the buyer does not reply

In this case, and if you think that the work has been done on your side and that it is in accordance with what you have set together, do not wait for his response to deliver your order. If you are missing essential information, then you should wait for their response. Do not deliver an incomplete order. If you find yourself in that case, you must take responsibility for your delay, otherwise, you risk being penalized.

You have delivered your order

Your buyer has placed an order with you but following your delivery, you have no answer. Don't worry, your money will not be blocked. If after 7 days, your buyer hasn't validated their order, its status will automatically pass to “completed”. You will then be able to withdraw your money.