What commission do you take from the value of the order?

❗️All the prices are indicated in USD. Nonetheless, If you have chosen to sell in euros, the commission rates are exaclty the same. You just have to change the symbol from $ to €.

Commissions on ComeUp vary and can be either 20% or $1 per payment depending on the ComeUp Plus plan you've selected.

You have the free plan

ComeUp collects a 20% commission on the value of the order. This means that if the order is for $5 excluding tax, the commission will be $1. If the order amount is $10, the commission will be $2, and so on. 

You have a ComeUp Plus plan

Even if you have signed up for a trial period and no matter the price of the plan, we only take a $1 commission, regardless of the value of the order. For example, for a $50 order, we will take $1 in commission. If you generate regular sales, make sure you find out more about ComeUp Plus on this page

Please note that the $1 commission is only valid for orders placed AFTER you have signed up for the plan.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the buyer might, in the middle of an order, purchase new options from you. For example, during your discussions, you may find that you both agree that a more comprehensive service would be more appropriate. In such cases, this would be considered a new transaction, involving a new payment process on the buyer’s side. The commission would therefore be deducted once again from that amount.

Order simulation

You can simulate an order yourself by clicking “Order” on another seller’s service (you cannot order your own service) to see how an order price is broken down. Please note that commissions are not the same as bank fees. Bank fees are paid to our payment partners and are used to secure the process. The bank fees applied and paid by the buyer are 5% of the total order price, including tax + $0.30.